Being productive in all you do takes effort. As Body Corporate Chairpeople, Committee Members, Building Managers etc, we all want to get our jobs done and even achieve more than we planned – think about the future, consider projects and ask ‘What if…’.

If we hope to achieve our tasks or goals for the day, month, year or lifetime we must ‘plan the work and work the plan’. I’m not talking about being super goal orientated (kudos if you are), nor am I referring to having a To-Do List for every minute task and function you do.

I am simply speaking about removing habits that can slow down your productivity and hinder you from achieving what you want.

Here are the first two daily habits that can be removed to help boost what you accomplish in a day, week, year.


The ‘new’ kind of surfing – The World Wide Web, or as some call it ‘On the Line’ 🙂

Researchers have found that it takes approx 15 minutes of unbroken concentration to get into ‘the flow’. Every time that concentration is interrupted you must restart the 15 minute period to get back into the flow. Find a place where interruptions are minimal or non-existent (sometimes you have to create this a place) and start.

Don’t let the loud voice of your device yell at you.

Aim for quality not perfection

Perfection can rob you of ever starting or celebrating what you have done.

Just start.

It’s easier to edit a page of content or a To-Do List than to edit a blank page.

About the Author: The Community Co.