The BCCM Office issued updates on 4 August 2020, one of the topics was parking in community titles schemes.

Towing as a Body Corporate is always a contentious topic and this update gives good direction on how the BCCM Office thinks when it comes to this matter.

In short, if the person parking is NOT associated with the Body Corporate e.g owner, occupier or visitor, you can tow under your common law right. If they are connected to the Body Corporate then you have to follow the By-law contravention process.

The problem with most Bodies Corporate is centred around proving ‘who’s who’ in the visitor’s car park even with CCTV.

Hopefully, the Government gets around to addressing this issue and grants Bodies Corporate more express powers to tow offenders who are connected to the Body Corporate.

This issue has also formed part of the Queensland Government Property Law Review Options Paper (pages 15 – 22) link below;

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George Salloum