I recently came across an article in The Age online and watched a video demonstration of how this particular building fire caused significant damage (video now unavailable). David Youssef of the Melbourne Fire Board comments on how the fire started on level 8 as a result of discarded smoking materials, a table caught fire and then consumed a range of other items on the balcony and spread up the combustable cladding. Within about 10 minutes the fire had spread all way up-to the end roof of the building.

From the comments made by Youssef, the main concerns were mainly around the storage of items on the balconies of units or in path ways.

If you are on the Committee of Body Corporate or Building Manager or a multi story complex, I am sure you have or will come across this issue.

I have been involved with a Body Corporate in Teneriffe that went through a similar circumstances, luckily the Fire Brigade was called out before significant damage occurred.

Start the discussion today about the storage of inappropriate items on your balcony with residents in your building before it’s too late.

Your Body Corporate Manager should be able to help you send out a notice to all residents, reminding them to be cautious of what they store on balconies or how they discard smoking materials.

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Written by Pedz

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