So, we have just taken over the management of 200 plus properties in New Farm on the river which has come with its challenges.

One of the biggest was going through 100 plus boxes and cataloging their contents.

As the Managing Director, I wanted to do this personally as opposed to getting one of our administration staff on the job because I wanted to understand the type of work I would be delegating in the future.

I was 30 boxes deep and I had the process locked away, but I am not going to lie, it was the type of work one may consider soul destroying. Something kept me motivated me to finish the task on hand. I started to wonder what, I’m not passionate about archiving records, so what was it?

When I finished the task some 7 hours later, I realised, I was more relieved that the client’s records where safe and accounted for than satisfied with my mammoth effort. Now that I look back on it, I now know that it was my dream that kept me going.

It was the dream of The Community Co and knowing that we are creating a company whose vision is true and holds the client at the center of everything.

The moral of all of this was “Love your Dream or else you won’t be able to get through whatever it is you need to”

Written by Pedz

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