So the last month has been the most exhilarating ride of my life and The Community Co is just getting started. George and I have spent the last year dreaming, creating and building everything you are seeing. The gears have officially shifted, the statements “what if” or “what if we could just” are slowly becoming a distant memory.

I say this because now we are starting to get the phone calls, shaking hands with and building our client base. Let’s take 152 The Esplanade Burleigh Heads Queensland also known as “The Esplanade”. We were up against some stiff competition but the call of approval came this afternoon. (Insert Happy Dance Here). We are super excited to be working with them in their efforts to build community.

The excitement of having a prospective client scrutinise your business, compare it to the competition then tell you you got the gig feels like the time my girlfriend (now wife) bought me a Playstation 3! We’re feeling motivated!

Let’s go Team Community, let’s keep building, I’m excited for month 2.

To the friends, work colleagues and business partners cheering us on along the way, your support means the world to me.

Written by Pedz. (while listening to “I’m looking for change” by Hermitude)

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