There is one thing you need to remember…..

Loosing weight or making huge profits are NOT your actual goals.

They are the RESULTS of defining your Values & articulating your Purpose.

Simply put; You loose weight when you value right eating & exercising and understand that the purpose of food is not only pleasure, but fuel. You make profits when you value your customer and understand that your purpose is to meet their needs.

A few weeks ago, The Community Co office needed to find a new location due to our continued growth (which we are so thankful for). As we stepped onto the 6th Floor of 140 Creek Street Brisbane, we were welcome by the ‘Concierge’ of the offices we were looking at. She was very welcoming and professional, showing us around the office space – the amenities, inclusions, facilities, technology, security (and any other great office term) – she took very good care of us.

That was nice of her. We were impressed with the look & feel of the office.

BUT THEN…… the Concierge said something that blew us away.


“If it works for you, it works for us”




Did you just put our needs and requirements before yours?

The thoughts in my head: ‘Does she even know what she is saying? Is she over promising and about to under delivery? She seemed so nice at first, but now it’s all about to fall apart. Dang it, I really liked these offices’.

Twenty minutes, 32 questions and a few laughs later it became evident that she really meant what she said. “If it worked for us, it also worked for them”.

We signed on the dotted line.

How many of us would even think about making such a statement to a potential client, let alone delivering on it?

This Concierge obviously understands what her company Values & what their Purpose is.

It was for THIS reason, that The Community Co. decided to make our new home on Level 6, 140 Creek Street Brisbane. The facilities, amenities & inclusions were good, but this companies ‘CULTURE’ lined up with ours – and we wanted to partner with them.

Ask yourself (your company) these questions;

What do we (the company) really value?

What is our real purpose for existing as a company? (remember, profits are a result, not a purpose)

Work hard at coming up with answers that will add value to the customer and the industry. Then clearly & openly communicate these answers to your people. Let them know why they are on the team.

If you don’t communicate effectively to your people, they will be forced to live off rumours. This produces tension & stress and erodes culture.


Written by George

About the Author: The Community Co.