“Oh My Goodness”

These are the words that our Managing Director, Pedzi, said into the microphone when he won the ‘Best Senior Strata Manager Australaisa 2021’.

Within minutes of this incredible honour, the ‘Best Strata Management Business (Medium) Australasia 2021’ was being announced. We were Finalists in this Category as well.
We were not expecting to win any award at our first appearance at the National SCA Awards, but Pedzi had just won his award – Shock. Honour. Disbelief. Humbled. All these emotions were running rampant.

“And the winner is…. The Community Co”


The next thing we both knew… we were in front of the 800 attendees again, accepting our second award.

We shared our story and encouraged the Industry to know that each of our ‘stories’ makes us unique. Our Story is our Superpower, don’t let anyone tell you differently. Know your Story, love your Story and understand how it has made you the person you are today and who you can be in the future.

Thank you to SCA Australasia. Thank you to the Judges.

We are honoured by the recognition and the incredible congratulations from so many on the night and since then.

About the Author: George Salloum

George Salloum