Taking care after your community is not as simple as it may look.

A body corporate has to carry out certain duties under government legislation to make sure you and your property investments are being looked after.

If you live in, or own an investment property that is part of a body corporate you probably get various forms of documentation by mail or email like levy notices, agendas and minutes of meetings the Body Corporate has held.

Someone needs to take on these responsibilities, and that’s where a Body Corporate Manager (or BCM), steps in. We look after the administration of the community and assist with keeping up with obligations all owners have to follow under the body corporate legislation. Think of a BCM as a business manager for your community that maintains records, finances and regularly reports to a Committee made up of your owners about important matters that need decisions.

Outside of the administration of a Body Corporate, a BCM can help with property maintenance, building projects, insurance claims and renewals as well as helping to deal with social problems between neighbours.

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Written by Pedz

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